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"Communicating for Results!"


Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM/DPP

PowerTalk Power Club President

Greetings Power Pals & Visiting Guests! 

It seems that all those cold April Showers brought beautiful warmer sunny days and blossoming May flowers! 

This month is a super Power month for all!  With Cinco de Mayo, Proms, Mother's Day Celebrations, Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, and Memorial Day all coming up, everyone has their social calendar full. 

Add to that, the PowerTalk Power Meetings and our upcoming Club Member Appreciation Celebration, plus all the other things we try to squeeze into our busy lives (like Spring cleaning, yardwork,  helping friends move, getting the dock out on the lake, and patio furniture set out,, etc...) and it's no wonder, that by the end of the month, we may feel a bit stressed and exhausted.

I hope this club's monthly newsletter will remind you to just enjoy, relax, and take things in stride - there are many fun things (as always) coming up so just make the most of every special occasion - bring joy, receive joy, and celebrate all for which we have to be grateful and celebrate all those special people and events in our lives that bring us all together, "live and in-person!" - YAY! 

Additionally, just a reminder - To make the most of your club membership, we encourage you all to socially engage with our Power Pals at these exciting upcoming events. Please review all of the following - need your RSVP - - so save these dates:

  • PowerTalk Club Member Annual Appreciation Celebration: Privately Chartered 3-tiered deck Lady of the Lake Paddle Boat Cruise and catered lunch out on Lake Minnetonka (exclusive for Power Pals and their invited guest). - Sponsored by Roman & Vitalia Pundyk - Sunday, May 15th from 11:00am-2:00pm.  NOTE:  We are now set with final headcount!
  • PowerTalk Potluck Picnic Party at the Pundyk Lakeshore Residence in Hutchinson, MN. Saturday, June 4th from 12:00pm-5:00pm
  • PowerTalk 2nd Annual Fall Festival Mini-Conference Retreat at the Sugar Lake Lodge Wednesday, Sept. 28th - Sunday, Oct.2nd   Open to Everyone!  - Hope you can ALL join us!

More info available on our website and in future news letters.  - We look forward to seeing you at all these exciting meetings and fun club social events!



Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/ DTM/DPP

President of PowerTalk Seminars, LLC

President of PowerTalk Power Club

[email protected]

(952) 221-1701

Power Words

Taradiddle: Bogus, nonsense, or a lie.

Friendlily: (not a misspelling) - it is an adverb that means: In a friendly way.

Coney:  a rabbit.

Power Trivia

Trivia #1: 

Even with its head cut off, the cockroach can live for several weeks.

Trivia #2:

The electric eel produces a shock of more than 600 volts, 5 times house current.

Trivia #3:

Stone wheels as large as ten feet across were used for money by the Yap Islanders..


Source: "It's a Fact!" - Globe Mini-Mag

                             Power Idioms

             "Afraid of your own shadow"

Example: My dog was afraid of its own shadow when it was a puppy, but now it barks fearlessly at the biggest dogs.

Meaning: very easily frightened, especially of small or imaginary things.

Origin: Shadows can be scary.  Horror movies, for instance, are full of fearsome shadows.  They sometimes make you hold your breath and jump out of your seat in terror.  No wonder that "umbra" the ancient Latin word for "shadow," also means "ghost.'  There are real things in this world to be fearful of, but if someone is afraid of his own shadow, then he's a very jumpy, nervous person who panics easily.

                 POWER PLANNER

Upcoming Club Events & Meeting Dates

MAY CLUB MEETING DATES & Upcoming Special Club Member Events:

Note:  Zoom Details for each meeting are emailed to respective Power Pals with current paid membership for each Program Meeting format.

Thursday, May 12th

6:30am - 9:00am CST

 ZOOM Early Morning Meeting

Friday, May 13th

6:30am-9:00am CST

ZOOM Early Morning Meeting

Tuesday, May 10th

5:00pm - 9:00pm CST

 PowerTalk Evening Dinner Meeting




                  POWER BOARD

Thank you to our Volunteer Staff and additional club members  and visiting guests who assist and help at our club meetings and events  - and a special thank you to Roman Pundyk for serving as our club videographer and Julie Nekola for serving as our virtual assistant.  - We appreciate you!

Let's all make this an EMPOWERING DAY!

                    PowerTalk Power Club 

                  May Newsletter E-Zine


Click on Meeting Dates Below 

to see our Awesome Speaker Line-Up 

and Presentation Descriptions!

Thursday, May 12th



Friday, May 13th




Evening Dinner Program

Tuesday, May 10th


         Power Pal Profiles

Welcome our newest club members

Will you be next? 

Learn more about our Club Membership Packages HERE!

              Power Articles

Last month, our own Power Pal Diane Windingland offered a totally FREE Impromptu Speaking Workshop and it was totally awesome!  If you weren't there, you totally missed out!

But have no fear,  by popular request, with Diane's permission, we are sharing a recorded video of this same workshop.  (37:24)

Thank you to Diane for her consistent generosity sharing her amazing talents, skills, and expertise!  

Diane Windingland, owner of Virtual Speech Coach, was originally trained as an engineer, but

since 2011, has been speaking, coaching, and writing on communication skills, and has published 10 books. Diane lives with her husband in Shoreview, MN and dedicates much of her spare time to Toastmasters International.


               Power Praise

Let's congratulate Diane Windingland on another successful book launch!  Her newest book: "Impromptu Speaking: 10 Strategies to Think on Your Feet Without Tripping Over Your Tongue" is a fantastic read offering so many great tools & tips!  For more info on this and all of Diane's other books, please visit her "amazon author page" :

Can't get enough of Diane???? ....Here's some more helpful tips and expertise for telling your story!

            Power Promotions

                                   PowerTalk Power Club Annual Club Member Appreciation Celebration 

Come kick off the summer season with fun fellowship festivities and casual networking. “Lady of the Lake” is the only 3-tiered deck paddle boat out on Lake Minnetonka. This is a Club Member Appreciation Celebration - Spring Social Party catered lunch and privately chartered boat cruise personally sponsored and hosted by Roman & Vitalia Pundyk exclusive for all our PowerTalk Power Pals & their significant other Guests!

Date: Sunday May 15, 2022

Time: 11:00am-2:00pm

Location: Excelsior, MN.

Registration: Closed - we now have our total final headcount - See you all there!

                                      PowerTalk Potluck Picnic Party at the Pundyks

Date: Saturday June 4, 2022

Time: 12:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Pundyk Place

Cost: FREE

(just please RSVP & bring a dish to share)

Enjoy Summer Food and Summer Fun!  All Club Members and their Guests are welcome!

It's a Summer Social Celebration!

RSVP: [email protected]

or CALL (952) 221-1701

NOTE: Roman & Vitalia will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixin's (including Paperware, Plasticware, Pop, and Water) -  For a well-organized and more balanced Potluck Picnic Party, May we suggest the following?

  • If your last name begins with A-I, please bring a dessert to share.
  • If your last name begins with J-Q , please bring a salad to share.
  • If your last name begins with R-Z, please bring a side dish to share.

                                                   Please join us - THANK YOU!

                            September Speech-a-thon Speech Contest and Fall Festival Retreat 

                                        Wednesday, September 28th - Sunday, October 2nd

Come laugh, learn, and get inspired!

12 Fabulous Keynote Speakers compete in 3 Speech Competition Categories:

Humorous - Informative - Inspiring

Date: Saturday, October 1st

Time: 8:30am-12:30pm

Location: Sugar Lake Lodge

                Grand Rapids, MN.

AND Join Us for the

Fall Festival Conference Retreat

"Good Food! Good Friends! Good Fun!"

Wed, Sept. 28th - Sun. October 2nd

For Program Details and to Register for this Amazing PowerTalk Power Club Fall Festival Conference Retreat, Please Click HERE!

             Hope you can join us!

      PowerTalk Punch Lines

At the risk of offending some of you (I don't really care...there's always going to be someone offended by something) - this is funny:

A little boy was doing his math homework.  He said to himself, "Two plus five, that son of a bitch is seven. Three plus six, that son of a bitch is nine."

His mother heard what he was saying and gasped, "What are you doing?"

The little boy answered, "I'm doing my math homework, Mom."

"And this is how your teacher taught you to do it?" the mother asked.

"Yes," he answered.

Infuriated, the mother asked the teacher the next day, "What are you teaching my son in math?"

The teacher replied, "Right now, we are learning addition."

The mother asked, "And are you teaching them to say two plus two, that son of a bitch is four?"

After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, "What I taught them was, two plus two, THE SUM OF WHICH, is four!"  - LOL!  :-)

 (sorry.....NOT.... just couldn't resist!)

-submitted by Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM/DPP

Another slightly risque one....  (ooh...I'm taking big chances!)  :-)

A certain little girl, when asked her name, would reply, "I'm Mr. Sugarbrown's daughter."

Her mother told her this was wrong, she must say, "I'm Jane Sugarbrown."

The Vicar spoke to her in Sunday School, and said, "Aren't you Mr. Sugarbrown's daughter?"

 She replied, "I thought I was, but mother says I'm not."

Awww..... come on!  Funny! - LOL! :-)

- submitted by Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.ED/DTM/DPP

      PowerTalk Power Tips

When selling an idea, show up with a bucket, not a microphone!

- submitted by Vitalia Bryn- Pundyk, M.Ed/ DTM/DPP

There is no "sales gene"... it's a learned skill for all of us.

 - submitted by Vitalia Bryn- Pundyk, M.Ed/ DTM/DPP

       PowerTalk Palate

                                                Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


• 1 large egg, room temperature, beaten

• 1 cup sugar

• 1 cup creamy peanut butter


• In a large bowl, mix all ingredients. Roll level tablespoons into balls. Place on an ungreased baking sheet; flatten with a fork.

• Bake at 350° for 18 minutes. Remove to a wire rack to cool.

Test Kitchen Tips

• Any peanut butter works for this recipe, but if you want to try something healthier, stick to the natural options in your local grocery store.

• Peanut butter is better for you than you think.  It contains tons of protein and essential vitamins.  Work peanut butter into your favorite recipes!


- submitted by Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM/DPP

         Power Potpourri

                                                     Hey Power Pals - What's Up?

Please join our NEW PUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUP to stay current & Up to date on any and all announcements!

Also - just a quick reminder:  CLUB MEMBERHIP DUES ARE DUE!

Click HERE to renew or upgrade your membership! - THANK YOU!

Please submit articles, promotions, punchlines, praise, power tips, and recipes by the 1st of the month for inclusion in next month's newsletter.  We appreciate all your contributions to make this a fun and informative read! - You can submit your items to Club President and Newsletter Editor, Vitalia Pundyk at email: [email protected]

                                                                         -THANK YOU!-

               Call for Speakers

If any club member or visiting guest would like to get on the speaking rotation, please contact Founder and Club President, Vitalia Pundyk to reserve your spot on the meeting schedule.

Phone: (952) 221-1701

Email: [email protected]