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Friday Morning

Our Program Meeting Emcee

Name: Roman Pundyk, DTM/BPP

Meeting Theme:  Opportunities!

Favorite Quote:  "Opportunities are like sunrises.  If you wait too long, you miss them." - William Arthur Ward

Brief Bio:  Roman is an award-winning international speaker, author, and Identity Theft protection advisor.  His leadership and sales training experience includes offering high-content interactive workshops designed to increase both individual and team productivity.  He is often invited to present his motivational workshops for various corporations and Fortune 500 companies and works with industries such as real estate, automotive industry, financial services, and multi-level marketing groups.

His workshop topics include: Leadership, Communication, Sales Training, Team Building, Goal Setting, Presentation Skills, and his highly popular Identity Theft Protection Programs.

Our 4 Main Speakers

Stacy Klone

4-6 min. Ice Breaker

Speech Title:

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Credit Card Statement?


More often than not, while doing a statement review with current and potential customers, I am handed unopened statements. Let take a closer look at what impact these items have on your bottom line:

Learning Objectives: 

  • Fee Increase
  • EMV
  • Tap or Insert
  • To Void or Return
  • Faster Funding

Brief Bio:

Years In Business = 12

Previous Types of Jobs:

KloneWerks Consulting, 18 years with Macy's (Marshall Fields, Daytons, Hudsons, & Target), Perkins Family Restaurant Management 13 years.

Spouse =Jeff

Children= 3 by birth and 2 exchange sons

Hobbies & Interests: Cooking, traveling, sailing, golfing, motorcycling, fishing, and snowmobiling.

City of Residence: Minnetonka

Years in that City:38

My Burning Desire is to make a difference!

Something No One Here Knows About Me: Cleaning is a hobby; even while on vacation, I find something to clean.

My Key to Success: Wrap each day asking what worked, what didn't, and what to do differently.

Jane Schuette, M.A/DTM

10-15 min. Keynote

Speech Title:

Leadership Accountability in 5 Minutes a Day


Leaders have authority over others to make certain a task is accomplished in a certain way.  This responsibly can be shared. However, after the task is completed or not completed, it's the leader alone who is held accountable. How can leaders grow in responsibility and accountability? The 5-minute a day practice called the Accountability Ledger!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand key behaviors that lead to leadership effectiveness.

  • Critique daily behavior with key questions that lead to leadership accountability.

  • Formulate intentions to foster key leadership behaviors.

Brief Bio:

Jane is an award-winning speaker and author.  Throughout a lifetime of research, she has collected the most effective practices and chosen tools designed to educate, energize, and inspire you to manage stress.  Her audience is diverse – from global corporation employees to educators, from U.S. Armed Forces to women inmates.  Jane's message is easy to digest and implement, helping you to sail through the stormy seas of stress with ease! 

Her first book, Building Your Brilliance: Move from Stressful Survival to Joyful Living, features a toolkit to help you manage stress and uncover your brilliance! 

Her second book, The Building Your Brilliance 5-Minute Journal, helps you find peace within the storms of stress and navigate to brilliance in just 5 minutes a day. 

Jane lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and is delighted to have her children and grandchildren nearby for plenty of play time in the exhilarating Minnesota seasons.

Norm Johnson-Korbuly

5-7 min. "How To" Demo 

Speech Title: 

How to Play Craps or at Least Be Able to Follow the Game!


If you ever been to Vegas or any casino that allows the game craps, you know that's where the party is, people cheering, clapping their hands.

Norm will show you around the table and show some basic bets that will allow you to be part of the action without losing your shirt or simply be able to follow what's happening and why everyone is cheering.

Learning Objectives: N/A

Brief Bio:

Norm Johnson-Korbuly has a diverse background and life experiences.  Norm's hobbies include Gardening, Improv/Standup comedy, and Sports Cars.  Norm and his wife, Lili Korbuly-Johnson love speaking about their experiences in their journey to free themselves from their Jobs.     

Stephen Shaner DTM

15-30 min. workshop

Speech Title:

Setting & Achieving Powerful Goals!


This is one of Stephen's most popular presentations.

In this interactive workshop, you will walk away with the 7 steps necessary to set and achieve powerful goals. You will also learn the secret ingredient that successful goal setters use to achieve any goal.

Learning Objectives: N/A

Brief Bio: 

 Stephen Shaner has been studying the concept of “attitude” for more than 30 years.  Specifically, his interest has focused on how attitude affects people, and the people around them.

He has incorporated learning experiences from a multitude of sources, research, and training relative to behavior, attitude, ethics, and business and personal relations. Stephen, as a facilitator of Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" for 15 years, was able to gain powerful insight. These opportunities led him to design informative and relevant presentations. Coupled with his contagious attitude, his extensive experience has made him a popular resource for keynotes, seminars, workshops, private sessions, newsletters and articles.  He is a sought-after mentor for business professionals and individuals seeking for meaningful and lasting improvement.

In his professional life, after 20 years of employment with HealthPartners, Stephen recently retired as the Manager of the Regional Technology Center in Duluth, Minnesota. He is an active member of Toastmasters International, where he has held many leadership positions, including District Director for a membership base of approximately 5,000, and Region IV Advisor, with responsibilities covering five U.S. states and three Canadian Provinces. Stephen currently lives with his wife in Tennessee.

Stephen continues to incorporate his leadership and communication skills to help professional and private entities meet their specific demands and goals. His success is based on delivering personalized training, guidance, and entertaining messages, and his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge for the benefit of those around him.

Stephen has developed presentations that reach to the core of what attitude is and how having the right one can dramatically change lives professionally and personally. You are invited to explore all Stephen has to offer, or contact him to discuss a presentation that fits your needs.