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Friday Morning

Our Program Meeting Emcee

Name: Stephen Shaner, DTM

Meeting Theme:  National Hero Day

Favorite Quote:  “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.“ ~Joseph Campbell

Brief Bio:  Stephen Shaner has been studying the concept of “attitude” for more than 30 years. Specifically, his interest has focused on how attitude affects people, and the people around them. As a speaker, author, magician, leader, podcast host, and individual, Stephen’s main passion is to add value every day.

Our 4 Main Speakers

Chris Ciccone

4-6 min. Ice Breaker

Speech Title:

Who Ever Knew?


Travelling around town, around the cities, and going into another state has awakened a traveling gene in me!

Learning Objectives: 

  • What, Where and How?
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Sensory benefits
  • The benefits of getting excited to go more
  • Photographs are more than just pictures

Brief Bio:

Christine A Ciccone is a wife, mother, and grandmother and lives in East Bethel,MN. She loves God, family, sewing, reading,

baking, and being an Independent Distributor for Reliv International, a nutritional supplement company.  She believes helping people is a journey of the heart.  Public speaking is also now part of her journey.

Michael Carlton, DTM/DPP

10-15 min. Keynote

Speech Title:

Role Play Exercises:

From Yucky to Productive!


We've all experienced them: those corporate , group, or industry training sessions that include those dreaded role-play exercises.  Just the mention of them tends to make the whole room groan, with the exception of the one or two odd balls that get excited about them.  For many years, Michael despised them as well, viewing them as mild forms of torture in the workplace.  It was around 10 years ago, during a corporate management training session role-play that Michael spoke up, took charge, and adjusted the parameters of that particular exercise. Immediately following, that training group adapted those changes to the remainder of that session and all training that followed. In this session, Michael will share that experience and show us how to get the most out of these, and yes: there will be some role play.  It'll be fun, I promise!

Learning Objectives:

  • Benefits & Examples of effective role-play exercises
  • What to absorb and what to disregard
  • How to convert role-play into a positive and productive exercise

Brief Bio:

After 24 years in the auto industry, Michael sought out new opportunities in 2015, which lead him into the insurance industry. This transition allowed him the independence of self-employment

and the flexibility required to be a single parent.  His experience in the auto industry as a collision technician, auto mechanic, salesman, and manager, gives him unique experience in his new industry, especially during the claims process. 

Roman Pundyk, DTM/DPP

5-7 min. "How To" Demo 

Speech Title: 

How to Refuse Being a Speaker!


How to say "NO" to Your Wife!

Learning Objectives:


Brief Bio:

As a Senior Director with Legal Shield, Roman is an award-winning international speaker, author, and Identity Theft protection advisor. His leadership and sales training experience includes offering high-content interactive workshops designed to increase both individual and team productivity. He is often invited to present his motivational workshops for various corporations and Fortune 500 companies and works with industries such as real estate, automotive industry, financial services, and multi-level marketing groups.

His workshop topics include: Leadership, Communication, Sales Training, Team Building, Goal Setting, Presentation Skills and his highly popular Identity Theft Protection programs.

Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed/DTM/DPP

15-30 min. workshop

Speech Title:



Do you tend to see the positive, even in trying situations?  Or do you immediately assume the worst and focus on the negative?  When it comes to how we view the world, most of us fall into one of two categories: optimist or pessimist. This mini-workshop will help us to redefine optimism and will identify the benefits of positive thinking for a happier life

Learning Objectives: 

Learn 6 ways to be more optimistic!

Brief Bio: 

Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk is an award-winning international speaker, #1 best selling international author, success strategist, and small business speakers’ coach.

She is a human relations subject matter expert who delivers programs that result in leadership development, improved communication, increased sales, and organizational growth.

In addition to offering her own powerful on-site presentations for small businesses and corporations, she invites you to participate in her unique content-rich, interactive, high value networking and professional development learning experience as a Power Pal Member of the PowerTalk Power Club!